Article of the Month: Integrity in the Workplace

Work when you are supposed to and save socializing, snacking, searching the Internet and personal phone calls for break time.Turn in the extra change you found in the soda or snack vending machine.Show respect to co-workers with appropriate conversation and empathy.If you are in management, keep your employees informed so they will know what is coming and what needs to be done.Adhere to company policies and procedures. Be responsible. Do what you say you will do.Use materials for work and not personal use.If you make a mistake and a team’s project gets messed up or you miss a deadline, own up to your mistake. Don’t let teammates take the fall.Work together as a team. This builds trust and shows integrity.Never steal supplies from the workplace.If you find yourself in a conflict of interest, get out of it as soon as possible.Don’t accept praise of acclaim for someone else’s work. That includes stealing someone’s idea or pretending to have worked on a successful project.When making a bu…


Malaysia National Day and Malaysia Day is approaching us. August 31 and September 16 each year is the most meaningful day for Malaysians. National Day Celebrations as well as Malaysia Day is the indication that our country is free from foreign occupation since 1957. In a wider context, it also celebrates the formation of Malaysia.

'Sayangi Malaysiaku' or Love Our Malaysia is the theme for National Day this year, a theme to celebrate and enhance the love of the nation among Malaysians. This year, Malaysia will celebrate the 61st Independence Day and 55th Malaysia Day.

Our country has surpassed the age of 61 with a glorious presence and continues economic advancement and rapid development in every edge of the country. Multiracial community continue to prosper unity and living in harmony until today. WE ARE PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN!

HARTA will hold the following programs throughout the Merdeka Month (August - September):-
1. Merdeka Celebration @ HARTA

2. Merdeka Exhibition
- Malay…



8 Essential Qualities That Define Great Leadership

Company leaders are facing a crisis. Nearly one-third of employees don’t trust management. In addition to this, employers now have to cater to the needs of the millennial generation. On average, after graduating from college, a millennial will change jobs four times before they are 32. Most of them also don’t feel empowered on their current jobs.

It’s clear that many leaders are failing to foster a sense of trust and loyalty in their employees. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. Managers who show great leadership qualities can inspire their teams to accomplish amazing things, according to Daniel Wang, the creator of Loopring Protocol and founder of the Loopring Foundation. Loopring is a decentralized automated execution system that trades across the crypto-token exchanges. The platform reduces the cost of trading and shields users from counterparty risk. I’ve distilled my conversation with Wang to eight of the most essential qualities that make a great leader.
1. Sincere e…


Hari Raya Aidilfitri a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims in the world. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the day that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of dawn-to-sunset fasting. Hari Raya Aidilfitri falls on 15th & 16th June this year.
After a long Raya Holiday, Hartawan back to work with a joy of 'Raya Mood'. some staff will bring raya food and kuih raya to share with all their colleagues. As usual HARTA organised a day to celebrate Hari Raya where variety of raya food is served along with kuih raya. 
On 27 June 2018, HARTA held its yearly Hari Raya Celebration with all Hartawan at HARTA HQ. The simple celebration was lively with the presence of YBhg Datuk Hj Radzali Hassan, Group Managing Director of HARTA. 
Thank you to all Hartawan for their cooperation in preparing the food and getting together in celebrating it.


On 26th July 2018, Frost & Sullivan lauded Malaysia’s Best-In-Class firms at the 14 annual Malaysia Excellence Awards banquet, held at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur.
HARTA received 2018 Malaysia Excellence award for Malaysia Energy Management Solutions Growth Excellence Leadership Award.
The Malaysia Excellence Awards aims to recognize Malaysian companies for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices.
According to Mr. Hazmi Yusof, Senior Vice President and Malaysia Managing Director at Frost & Sullivan said that “Through this initiative, we hope that the recognition will encourage companies in Malaysia to continue their best in expanding their business locally and regionally. Frost …


Month of Ramadan is always a special moment for all Muslim around the world. The joy celebrated for ibadah, chasing for lailatuqadar, big rewards for sadaqa and drizzle feeling to celebrate Syawal Lebaran.
While all of us are happily grabbing all these joyful opportunities during Ramadan and syawal, not to forget there are people that less fortunate to buy new clothes, eat variety of food and drinks when breaking fast and those people who unable to even stand and raising takbir during tarawih.
إن الله تعالى جواد يحب الجود ويحب معالي الأخلاق ويكره سفسافها
“Indeed, Allah the Exalted is the Giver, He love generosity and noble manners, He detest bad manners.” (Narrated by Al Baihaqi, classed sahih by Al Albani in ‘Shahihul Jami’, 1744)

والصدقة تطفىء الخطيئة كما تطفىء الماء النار
“Giving alms can erase sins just like water ceases fire.” (Narrated by Tirmidhi, classed sahih by Al Albani in Shahih At Tirmidzi, in hadith no. 614)

اليد العليا خير من اليد السفلى واليد العليا هي المنفقة واليد ا…