Awareness is a major factor in achieving effective energy saving. Everyone should understand the objective, what the organization needs to achieve to save energy in the building. For example, to achieve a 10% reduction in electricity bills every month.
Each staff should be sensitive with any plug or waste that is happening around them. An organisation also should come out with initiatives like campaigns or programs to enhance the knowledge and awareness of the staff.
How to practice energy saving?
1 - Adjust the room temperature at 24°C as directed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and Government. The set point temperature to save energy is between 24°C - 26°C. Lower than this set point will cause air conditioner to work harder and increase energy consumption and electricity bills.
How to avoid air conditioner to overwork?
1 - Keep the door and window closed to reduce the indoor air to exit
2 - Use of curtain blind / tinted film window for inclusion of sunlight
3 - Conduct regular maintenance for air conditioners

2 - Switch on the light when needed ONLY, switch off when it is not in use. This is a cost-less effort to reduce energy consumption. By switching off the light will save energy, extends the lifespan of the lamp and reduce maintenance cost.

3 - Day lighting over light at office. How? Open blind/curtain for a daylight optimisation. Daylight also will help to reduce working pressure and increase productivity. An organisation also can enforce the ON and OFF lights at general office hours such as during lunch at 1.00 -2.00 pm and turn off after office hours (5.30 pm).
4 - Computer usage in the office - Sleep mode if not in use.

5 - Make sure that the switch is switched off and the plug is unplugged when electrical equipment is not used. Please note that all equipment that is plugged in at the wall, and not switched off at the socket, will still use some electricity, even if it’s not plugged into the device it is meant to charge.
This small saving steps contribute to a great savings!

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